Thursday, February 9, 2012


My last batch of Valentine's Day cookies are done!

I think I'm finally feeling confident with the #1 tip.  
It's tricky, as it can get clogged up, but I was 
extremely patient today...maybe it was the cookies in my belly.

Seriously, I could shove my face into this cookie.

Feeling the love.

The black and white 'curly' design with
hearts were inspired by this lovely site.
Mighty Delighty

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love for 7 points

 Let me spell it out for you.
I love Scrabble.
But I love my husband even more.

On my journey to create the yummiest board game ever
 it had to start with my 2nd love...dough.

Hello my friend, we meet again. 

Warm water and meringue powder whipped for
30 secs will look like fluffy clouds, like this.

7 Cup Mountain of icing sugar.

Give it a full 10 mins at low speed and it will look less icky.

Like this.  
Is it wrong to think I could bathe in this?

My little chocolate squares are ready for the oven.  
Yes, I measured them. 
Cause I'm a geek like that.

Yep, I'm corny like that.

Piped with a #2 tip.

Seriously, I do.

Might gross out the children, but it's a fact.

Can't lie.

Love Me 

You can't eat just one.  
I tried.

Happy Valentine's Day !

Thanks to 'I am Baker' for her inspiration
Scrabble for Bakers

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Made With Love

If there was a way to bake without being tempted to shove my face into a bowl of batter, I would probably bake more often.

However, temptation aside, I volunteered to make cookies for my son's class for the upcoming Love Day on the 14th.

My Elegant Baker in training.

Such a hard worker.  
And much like his mother is already thinking about how awesome the batter will taste.

Me and Mine 

It's perfectly okay to get excited about really rockin' royal icing.

I'm committed to reading the labels more 
carefully, as Mint Flavoured toothpicks was not on my list.

Piles of cookies. 
Chocolate Cookies compliments of Martha Stewart
You'll find the yummy recipe here Chocolate Cookies

Sheldon has Will Wheaton.
Jerry had Newman.
Elegant Baker has dough.
Although every part of me told me this was made for my 
belly, most of this was made into cookies.  Most of it.

The benefits to a kick ass long harvest table.

My Elegant Baker in Training did a great job!


They were 'made with love'

with help from my assistant of course

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Apes for Monkey

I'm about to make a monkey.

Sweet cinnamon balls!  This looks so good 
and it's not even cooked yet!

This monkey is headed to the home of a good friend.
I hope she likes monkeys.

Recipe can be found there on the Food Networks website.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Merry!

Mission - Bake tons of cookies & a cake for my 
mother's High School Reunion/Party.
I got this.

Must remember to lower the speed when adding icing sugar.
On a side note, my counter looks very Christmasy.  

My super cute snowflakes
(inspiration for the snowflake - PaperChick )

I had planned to make 'Idiot Mittens', but I forgot to flip the cookie cutter over.
 I was left with 24 Right Handed mittens.  
Meh.  They're still cute!
Inspiration for these mittens came from a pair of Felt Mittens 
The soft gingerbread cookie recipe comes compliments of Martha Stewart

I have been wanting to makes these since last year.
The inspiration for my snowman, came from me! 
I just love them!

His Middle

His carrot nose and coaly smile
(Inspiration for the Snowman's Head)

Ta Da!

More Goodies!  
These will be split between teachers, bus drivers, 
Secret Santas and our Annual Christmas Eve Cookie Delivery.

Each year, we pick a place to deliver Christmas goodies on Christmas Eve.  
We usually focus on staff that work the night shift on Christmas Eve.
In previous years we've delivered to fire & police departments, Base Commissionaires, Military Police  & Military Fire Departments

This year we're delivery to a Women's Shelter.
This shelter is open 24 / 7 365 days a year.  
On Christmas Eve, we'll deliver a batch of cookies, 
along with donations of clothes 
and non-perishable food items.  
As well as a few gifts for those families that are staying at the shelter.

Turkey Time

I love Thanksgiving!  
It means the start of Fall Clean Ups for my client's gardens 
and Christmas is just around the corner!!

I need a bigger fork.

Two bites later, my boy was finished.  
His eyes, much like his mother are bigger than his stomach.

You know it truly is a skill to take pics of yourself.  
A skill which I have yet to master.

My apron proudly says 'Just call me Martha'.  
Although, I answer to Leigh-anne and Mom as well.

For fear my turkey pants might not hold a pumpkin pie 
after such a big supper, I opted out.

I made this for dessert instead.  
What is it?  
Pumpkin Fluff.  
Had I known this would have been so yummy, 
I might have just skipped the turkey and headed straight to this.
Pumpkin Fluff recipe

Wanna know what's even better than toasted pumpkin seeds?

Sweet mother of seeds, this was gone in seconds.

Make a Wish

Last year I baked up a storm for my dear friends Baby Shower

Hard to believe she's 1 already!

The Birthday Girl's Theme was 'Wish'

I made these adorable 'wish' cookies
(Inspiration came from this adorable site )

The sugar cookies were so fun to make, and super easy.  

The main event was a moist chocolate cake, 
with vanilla frosting and of course finished with fondant

The cupcakes were a super moist ginger cake recipe, topped 
with creamy vanilla frosting and a shiny pink star.